FUEL TYPE: GAS. Another Day Of Work Missed To Being The Vehicle Into The Dealer. No Previous Warning Or Symptoms. Apparently My Check Is Missing. Was Driving On Manetto Hill Road In Plainview, Ny When Vehicle Stalled. 0 person(s) were injured. 0 person(s) died. Seemed As Though You Were Driving With The Parking Brake On Along With The Jumping Of The Vehicle. It Would Not Restart. 0 person(s) were injured. Started Ignition And Automatically Displayed Message – Engine Fault Service Engine Now. Since That Time The Vehicle Has Been Recalled 5 Times For Fire Hazards. Vehicle was not using ANTI-LOCK BRAKES. VEHICLE SPEED: 40 mph. VEHICLE SPEED: 0 mph. Finally Contact Manufacturing Who States It Is A Computer Component. FORD ESCAPE 2013 problem was reported in WILKESBARRE, PA. Installed New Timing Plug Tightened To Spec. If Happened Again Call Roadside. *tr. 0 person(s) died. At Present, I Was Advised Not To Pair My Devices Which Is Inconvenient To Say The Least. Ford has announced a recall of 2.2 million 2011-to-2016 vehicles over a problem with faulty door latches. I Am Aware That ford Is Aware Of These Bugs. A Side Issue Is With Sync. *tr. 0 person(s) were injured. 0 person(s) were injured. It Stalled Again Twice On Sunday October 13, 2013, Once Going Through The Ez Pass Lane At The Verrazano Bridge And Again About 45 Mins Later On A Secondary Road In Nj, Again Going Slow (under 15 Mph). The Failure Recurred Intermittently. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):1FMCU9G95DU. 2013 Ford Escape I bought mine a year ago. 2013 Ford Escape issue: I have a Ford Escape with 27,000 miles. Wipers In The Front Is Not The Greatest. Today 9/7/13, This Time The Car Stalled At A Stoplight, But The Power Stayed On Oil Light Was On. Vehicle was not using ANTI-LOCK BRAKES. That Is Not A Statistical Fluke, It Is Defective Vehicle And I Hope Neither ford Nor This Agency Screw Up Again The Way Gm And This Agency Did With The Ignition Issue. Within Minutes, Brown, Oily Smoke Came Out From Under The Hood. The Failure Recurred Sporadically. Condition: You can select between new, used, and refurbished engines for the Ford Escape. Vehicle was not using Cruise Control. I Have All Documentation – This Car Continues To Be A Safety Issue While Driving. ‘check Engine’ Light Came On. 3 Times It Wouldn’t Start While Parked, And 4 Additional Times While Driving The Engine Stalled Completely, No Warning On The Expressway In Chicago. Vehicle was not using ANTI-LOCK BRAKES. I Shut Off The Engine, Waited And Then Restarted And All Seemed Ok. Next Day I Went To The ford Dealer’s Service And Explained The Problem. We Transport Our Two Grandchildren Two Days A Week From School / Nursery School And Are Extremely Concerned. Towed To Crown ford. The Vehicle Was In The Shop From March 18th Until April 1st To Get Repaired. It Has Now Been 15 Minutes Later And The Smell Of Engine Coolant Is Still Very Pungent. It Is Now Hanging Down From The Undercarriage And Almost Touching The Ground, Laying Over The Exhaust And Directly Touching It. FUEL TYPE: GAS. VEHICLE SPEED: 45 mph. Mileage was 9250 miles. Mileage was 3982 miles. Is there recall on 2013 Ford Escape? Are They Just Trying To Buy Time, Not Sure Why Is Taking So Long For My Car To Get Fix When They Are Saying Is Just Half Day Fix. Never Received A “low Coolant” Light, Just A Sudden Warning To Pull Over. FORD ESCAPE 2013 problem was reported in MIAMI, FL. I Hope Nhtsa Is Pushing ford To Come Clean And Tell The Full Story, Before Somebody Gets Hurt. Vehicle was not using Cruise Control. After Engaging Park, I Was Able To Restart The Engine Normally. I Got A “engine Fault Service Now” Error. 0 person(s) were injured. After a couple of months the transmission went. VEHICLE SPEED: 60 mph. The fix: owners should begin receiving notifications of the recall around January 23, 2014. 0 person(s) died. It Just Seems There Is One Recall After Another. When It Stalled Again On The Sun, 7/14/13, I Took Another Day Off Work To Take The Car Back To The Dealership. The ford Dealership Said There Were Error Codes But They Could Not Duplicate The Problem. When I Tried To Start Up My Car Today, The Powertrain Was Producing Smoke. Web Has Many Reports Of This Type On Brand New 2013fordescapes. Vehicle was not using Cruise Control. Vehicle had 4 CYLINDERS. Car Was In The Middle Of The Street Facing Oncoming Traffic. 0 person(s) died. 0 person(s) died. The all-new Ford Escape delivers the versatility and cargo capacity SUV customers expect with a sports-inspired design they desire. I Had Only Filled The Tank Once Before I Noticed Serious Problems; Whenever I Came To A Stop, The escape Would Shudder And Stall Or Simply Turn Off. I Couldn’t Figure Out What Was Going On At First. 0 person(s) were injured. VEHICLE SPEED: 35 mph. The Cars Behind Me Did Not See My Hazard Lights On And Didn’t Realize I Had Stalled. Vehicle was on fire. FUEL TYPE: GAS. 0 person(s) died. The Contact Stated That The Manufacturer Had Exceeded A Reasonable Amount Of Time For The Recall Repairs. Vehicle was not using Cruise Control. 0 person(s) were injured. Mileage was 3500 miles. 0 person(s) died. It Is Very Flimsy And Exposed To The Elements. Instantly, The Accelerator Had No Response, The High Engine Temperature Warning Light Came On, And Then All Warning Lights, Gauges, & Tachometer All Went Dead. 0 person(s) died. Vehicle was not using ANTI-LOCK BRAKES. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):1FMCU0GXXDU. Accurate as it is, calling the 2013 Escape all new seems like a massive understatement; this is the very definition of an extreme makeover. The Dealer Also Addressed The Blue Smoke Issue And In The Dealers Words “found Excessive Oil In The Turbo And Excessive Play In The Turbine Wheel”. On 4-16-13 The Engine On My New escape Started To Sputter And Not Run Right. Now I’m Waiting For The Parts To Come In As They Are On A Nationwide Back Order. *tr. One Week Later On May 17 The Vehicle Died While Pulling Out Into Traffic. Mileage was 6000 miles. Checked And Replace Map Sensor. FUEL TYPE: GAS. It Happens Either When The Engine Is Warm Or Cold. See photos and read about the new compact SUV at Car and Driver. Thank You. Luckily No One Was Injured And There Were No Accidents As It Was A Two Lane, One Way, Street With No Shoulders. 06/10. Issue Still Occurring With No Proposed Repair To Resolve. *tr. The Engine Air Filter Assembly Is Cracking At The Holding Screws. FORD ESCAPE 2013 problem was reported in PALO ALTO, CA. Further Oil Covered The Under Carriage Of The Vehicle And Could Have Gotten On To Brakes Compromising Safety. FORD ESCAPE 2013 problem was reported in YAKIMA, WA. Immediately Shut Down And Restarted. Check out the all-new redesigned 2020 Ford Escape SUV and Hybrid. It’s Not A “fluke”. Message Went Away. The Vehicle Was Serviced Under The Recall. Coasted Car Down Parking Garage So Tow Truck Would Be Able To Access It. VEHICLE SPEED: 10 mph. Still Waiting For News. The Check Engine Light Came On And Averaged 15mpg Highway Getting To The Dealership. I Am Not Confident This Will Fix The Issue And Believe There May Be A Problem With The Computer When Slowing Down Via Coasting Rather Than Breaking. FUEL TYPE: GAS. 0 person(s) were injured. Later However, I Learned From The Actual Mechanic, That There Were Several Codes Logged And There Was A Technical Bulletin Out To Update The Body Control Module With New Software. Took To Dealer Next Day. Vehicle was not using ANTI-LOCK BRAKES. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):1FMCU9GX6DU. The Vehicle Was Taken Back To The Dealer Where They Stated That There Was Coolant In Cylinder 4 And The Engine Needed To Be Replaced. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):1FMCU9GX2DU. FORD ESCAPE 2013 problem was reported in CLARKSVILLE, TN. The Dealer Reported The Smoke Was Coming From Under The Hood Of The Air Compressor Clutch Coil Is Internal Short Cause Burning Smoke. The Smoke From The Powertrain Triggered My Asthma. The Vehicle Was Taken To An Authorized Dealer Three Times Where The Technician Was Unable To Duplicate The Problem. Dealer Said On 12-20 That They Do Not Have Fix Yet-people Should Be Made Hold And Be Able To Get Full Value For Trade In For 2.0. ford Is Losing Any Confidence I Had In Them Because Of The Handling Of This Situation. I Have Brought Vehicle In Twice For The Same Issues, Thus Far To No Avail. Vehicle was not using Cruise Control. I Drive A Lot Of Miles As I Am A Home Health Care Nurse And Are Frequently In Very Rural Areas. My 2013fordescape Stalled Twice While Going Slow On A Local Road In July Of This Year. Lots Of Give… Too Much Replaced Front Window Motors. I Have A ford Case # 15607552, I Qualify For The Lemon Law. I Have Two Videos That I Showed ford But Apparently They Can’t Fix It. *js. Vehicle had 4 CYLINDERS. The Shielding Has Come Loose And The More I Drive, The More The Wind Pulls It And Tears It From The Car. Also Understand That We Do Not Have An Issue With The Dealer, We Feel They Have Done What They Can To Resolve These Defects In This Engine. All Recalls Have Been Very Serious – Engine Will Catch Fire. FUEL TYPE: GAS. I Purchased My 2013fordescape In Sept 2012. Brought To Dealer The Next Day And Computer Diagnosis Showed Nothing Appeared. SPEAK WITH A SPECIALIST NOW (888) 412-2772. Mileage was 8150 miles. Vehicle was purchased on 20130130. I Just Leased A New Car, A 2013 ford escape With A 2.0 L Ecoboost Engine. I Was Advised By The Service Advisor For The Recall Parts Were Not Yet Available And To Continue Driving The Vehicle And If I Encountered A Issue To Immediately Stop Driving The Vehicle And Have It Towed To There Facility And I Would Be Placed In A Loaner Vehicle Until My Car Was Fixed. It Happened On Multiple Occasions Daily For About A Week Before I Could Take It To The Shop. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):1FMCU0HX0DU. Vehicle was not using Cruise Control. 0 person(s) died. The Approximate Failure And Current Mileage Was 17,000. Read the review and see photos of the Escape at Car and Driver. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):1FMCU9GX4DU. Mileage was 6150 miles. Mileage was 6800 miles. 0 person(s) died. Do your 2013 Ford Escape Titanium 2.0L AWD EcoBoost have anything wrong with engine problems? The Engine Was Also Overheating While Driving Uphill. I Was Able To Restart With No Issues. This Resulted In The Replacement Of The Turbo. Buy high quality used 2013 Ford Escape engine cheap and fast. After Two Days Of “all Systems Normal,” I Went To Start The Engine And It Began To Shake Violently And A “engine Malfunction-service Immediately” Warning Came Up On The Dash. I Get A Message That Says “engine Fault Service Now.” It Is A Very Scary Situation To Experience. 13000 Miles. A problem with a bushin... Favourite added temporarily. FUEL TYPE: GAS. Separately, I Have Experienced The Rough Engine Start So Many Others On This Website Have Complained About. FORD ESCAPE 2013 problem was reported in TRACY, CA. Within Just 3 Weeks Of Purchasing Our Certified Pre-owned 2013escape Titanium (16k Miles), The Vehicle Stalled Twice While Stopping At An Intersection. FORD ESCAPE 2013 problem was reported in CHAMPLAIN, NY. This Seems To Be A Very Hazardous Situation. This Mainly Occurs When Starting The Vehicle Or When Accelerating After A Turn. I Was Getting Yelled At, Flipped Off, You Name It, But There Was Nothing I Could Do But Hope That The Momentum Would Be Enough To Allow Me To Pull Over To Right Lane Until I Could Come To A Stop In A Safe Place.