Secondly, for examples, they must of couirse be of a Singapore context. And now we have high damage on tanky builds thx to Divine Sunderer. - Step 2: Now that you know what the common questions are to expect for this topic, you need to be prepared. That will greatly set your writing apart form your peers! do you have any advice for O Level essays? That could change in late 2020 when the next-gen consoles launch with ray tracing support. This will allow candidates the opportunity to express an informed, critical, creative and relevant response. Imagine if you can get 11 for SAQ, 5 for summary, 5 for AQ and 9 for language, that's already 30 which places you at the higher end of the bell curve! Get all of's best Movies lists, news, and more. Often students struggle with essays because they see an unfamiliar question and they panic and don’t know what to write. No point using the same word as in the passage because you won't get any marks. Also, seek regular consultations with your teacher. And the added benefit is helping you understand the author's arguments because you are no longer a passive reader; you are actively responding and reacting to what the author has said! This applies to P1 too. The best car setups for F1 2020, F1 2019. Looks difficult? In all, this makes up GP and its purpose... this is its beauty! SAQ is 17 marks, but it's is usually made up of questions worth 1-3 marks, so if you can't finish 1 or 2 qns it's fine. The more details you can provide in the example, the better. Please note that certain courses may require grades higher than Grade C for GP. You can tell me because i am not extremely familiar with the O level syllabus haha been a while since I graduated. Hi! A and As Level General Paper 8004 About A Level General Paper Syllabus The Cambridge International AS Level General Paper encourages learners to develop a maturity of critical thought and argument, and a mastery of expression in the English language. No worries happy to help HAHA i was once there struggling for GP too! ((You get the idea)). Now, to improve clarity you can rely on connectors, i find these to be the most helpful! They are your best bet for an A. Hi I got an A (despite being from ajc, which I have recently learnt from this subreddit that it is apparently notoriously shit at GP??) Try our car setups designed for specific track conditions, weather, car, qualify or race. Ultimately, u learn how to be more discerning in ur approach and is indeed an applicable skill in the day and age we live in. Students tend to just write their stand without providing any logical reason. For compre, my advice is to focus on short-answer questions. So you should have a whole list of examples and arguments that you know of, this will greatly save time during the actual exam! Your go-to source for the latest F1 news, video highlights, GP results, live timing, in-depth analysis and expert commentary. Here are the General Paper (GP) Essay Questions for the Nov 2017 GCE A-Levels exams. Please do discuss information relating to the N Level Results in this megathread.-----Information and links you may be interested in: MOE's Guide to Post Secondary Admission Exercises. You have to spend time dissecting the questions and really understand what it is asking. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Do you have any AQ tips? Rmb nothing in this world is perfect and this is the reason why GP paper 1 exists... to give u a voice to show ur views and tie together the loose ends of each issue. Examples that are on prominent issues or events or policies are favoured because they have enough gravity (these are better than your personal anecdotes). You can also try to annotate each paragraph with a few words. © Esᴛᴀʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ MMXVII, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. In that I mean for instance given a hypothetical scenario of a glass of water costs $100000. Like many people, I could not manage my time as well as I had planned because of the curve ball that Comprehension threw at us. Join our MotoGP fantasy league: Here , … Maybe reading more will help? In terms of content, the rule of thumb for AQ is to have at least 2 detailed arguments. Good luck for A levels, you will do well don't worry too much , stay calm and it will be fine :) I have some resources that i compiled/wrote when i was a student, you can check them out here . Comprehension is hard to predict, but 12 essay questions on everything under the sun? Of course if you have a month left to exam you can increase that to 10 -20 words per day depending on your memory! And on Thursday you will review the 15 words you did the past 3 days. You can get a sense of these questions via past year questions (check out prelim qns of other schs and not just A level qns). The truth is you have already lost about 2 marks before you even attempt the AQ because nobody really gets 9 or 10 from my experience (you can think back to your school papers too haha), so if you are getting a 5 that's already awesome, you don't have to spend a lot of effort to try and get thatt last 3 marks. Haha or smth else? Get ready to prove your skills, get competitive, and take control of your fantasy. Hi, here’s a quick tip (I achieved A for GP as well): Big surprise: I didn’t finish the comprehension (actually iirc I left like the summary undone and only had 1 paragraph for AQ). Battle of the rookies: Binder, Marquez level with four to go 67 points apiece with four races to go. 2020 Austrian Grand Prix Live : Red Bull star Max Verstappen can complete a hat-trick of Austrian Grand Prix wins on Sunday in a season-opening race unlike any other in … Joint Intake Exercise (JIE-E and JIE-N) information Is it applicable to the future? Or you can mention people like Steve Jobs (yes it is cliche but what i am saying here is this is better than facing a mind block and writing nothing!) There are different question types for SAQ, Literal (answer found in the passage), Inferential (clues found in the passage, look before and after the line referenced to spot clues), Language (know the different types of rhetorical devices and how to use them, like metaphors, imagery, and also pay attention to special punctuation or stuff like italicising), Tone and Attitude (this is focusing on the author so you need to ask yourself what his purpose is in writing that particular sentence or paragraph, how does it connect to his overall argument? Everything you need to know about the 2020 Styrian Grand Prix at Austrian GP venue, Spielberg's Red Bull Ring. It is not hard to score for compre at all. I know a lot of people tend to run out of time for AQ, so you gotta have good time management. Hi, unfortunately I don't :( I'm no longer a student haha but I think you can definitely tap into this community of awesome people to see if you can get some! Be passionate in your writing, find issues that you're genuinely interested in. Both papers are equal weightage and both can be improved in a short amount of time using some of the strategies i am sharing with you. It makes it super easy for you to refer back when you are answering questions later on! Can i just ask, what do you think are some of the more important or easier topics for essay? So do not spend more than 30 mins on AQ. Over the past month I have seen a lot of people fighting about GP's current gamestate ,and I think both sides are right. We've had the Italian Grand Prix - now it's time to get up to speed with everything you need to know about the 2020 Tuscan Grand Prix, Ferrari's 1,000th F1 race, which takes place over 59 laps of the 5.245-kilometre Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello in Italy on Sunday, September 13. You need to become used to t… Who will buy it? For the purpose of this exercise, Grade “C” is assumed for both General Paper (GP) and Project Work (PW) in determining the grade profiles. Sports News and Highlights from the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, and leagues around … Watch how Former President Barack Obama spoke for many of his speeches (paying attention to the rhetorics and the structure of the speeches). Urm for paper 1 you just need to ensure that you have good logical flow and sufficient+relevant examples. Try out essays for these questions and also prepare examples, ensure that you are very familiar with these questions that make up the whole topic. More information about the GCE A-Level examination is available below. For all questions, you need to know how to paraphrase your answers without losing the original meaning from the text. Then you will link that to the Singapore context which is essentially the "example" part of your paragraph. Essay is really made up of 2 things: arguments + examples. 1 year ... How I got an A for GP... contrary to popular beliefs , I don’t read a lot nor do I write a lot. Read model essays, watch TedTalks and analyse the way the most motivational/inspirational/captivating people speak. As for AQ, it's asking you for your own opinion, and whether it can be applied to sg society. Or maybe failure in previous social interactions and attempts to fit in led you to become more resilient and more willing to reflect on your own flaws etc. Choose a few topics you’re interested in and have reasonable chance of appearing (the TYS will help here, personally it was science and tech) and find as many examples as you can to memorise. And even if you do you might face difficulties translating those stuff into arguments! These topics are the omnipresent ones that have always dominated the GP content, and in recent years you see even more talk about them based on stuff like Fake News, Privacy, Development of Artificial Intelligence, Evolving Role of Museums and the Art Scene in general (especially in Singapore), Hong Kong Protests etc. Watch your time for AQ, strategically to maximise your score for compre you should spend the most time on Short Answer Questions (SAQs) because they have 17 marks, nearly half of the 35 content marks! My biggest tip for compre is, do not speed through the passage! ", "How can i tweak this question to fit what i know?" Examples that are on prominent issues or events or policies are favoured because they have enough gravity (these are better than your personal anecdotes). But what I feel really helped me get an A is that I understood the purpose of GP. And of course, like I mentioned, the best way to improve is really to read more essays to get a sense of how others are doing it. Urdu (A Level only) - 9676 To find English General Paper filter the subject list by ‘Humanities and Social Sciences’ or ‘English Language and Literature’. Or if the context is that that glass of water has some medicinal benefits, the sick would be more inclined to buy it. Instead, you can focus on improving SAQ. StreamS~reddit~@@~F1 Belgium Grand Prix 2020 Live Stream Reddit, The Belgian Grand Prix is coming soon on the 2020 Formula 1 calendar – it's the seventh race of the season and it's live on Sky Sports F1...Formula 1 returns to Spa this weekend. You can switch the choice of courses as much as you want during the application period and you will receive acknowledgement emails of your switch whenever you change the ranking of courses. The easy way to solve this is to be exposed to the possible questions for the major topics so that you will be well-prepared. other than luck, im guessing he got an A because of his rather strong foundation in English (he likes to write in his spare time), so other than reading more, you also need to process what you are reading, and how it would apply to the questions. Reddit polls are designed to encourage conversation without a comment — those comments are welcome. SuperDraft offers all of the major leagues: NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and PGA. Paper 1: Essay 5.1 Twelve questions will be set, of which candidates answer one. Precision is also important, You can't paraphrase 'love' with 'like', so there is a need for you to brush up your vocabulary skills. Same applies for summary. So for instance you will say "The arts have a profound impact" and not "has". For AQ, if you're bad at writing, just do quantity over quality. Haha thanks again. For example, if the question asks "Science is a threat to humanity, Do you agree?" =) ‘The past is not dead. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,,, They are actually quite easy to approach even if you have never thought about these questions before! Understand that Essay = Argument + Examples, AQ similarly = Evaluation + SG Examples. Also make sure to plan before starting. The more convincing you are for either of them, the better your marks. These 2 qns can seem different at first but upon closer examination, you see that they are essentially asking you to evaluate the pros and cons of science and tech. Because GP is so strong now with different build paths like never before , it was always triforce first. What's personal voice? General topics are great if you are confident in your writing and read widely. This post is underrated, really appreciate it. Not quite. For paper 1, the purpose is to show how well u justify ur arguments and not examples. For example, the author could be discussing how museums have deviated from their purposes to attract the crowd and when you are reading that you can be thinking about how museums in Singapore are like (you could even recall the more recent events like Bicentennial and see whether you agree). The grade profiles refer to the grades scored by Singapore-Cambridge A-level applicants in their three H2 and one H1 subjects. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The more details you can provide in the example, the better. To answer your question, scoring higher for both essay and AQ depends on two factors: Argument + Example. For paper 1, the purpose is to show how well u justify ur arguments and not examples. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts To answer well, you need a good grasp of what's currently happening in sg (hence the read more news part), and how you can use it to support or counter the author's observations. So students tend to use many commas. Assess this statement.". New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Wᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ʀ/SGExᴀᴍs – the largest community on reddit discussing Singapore schools and examinations. Enter the world of Formula 1. vs "Science and technology has created a better world. The first part involve evaluating the author's argument, like what i mentioned in my reply below this comment. The truth is reading all those is great but not the fastest way and you would probably not remember what you read during the exam. There’s a pattern of the topics that will appear right there. Of course the next step is to find examples, and you do not use personal anecdotes in a GP essay or AQ! And of course you need to tie back the example to the author's argument!! Does it seem too absolute in nature? If you are interested in the Cambridge AICE Diploma please be aware that Cambridge International AS Level English General Paper only contributes to Group 4: Interdisciplinary subjects. For SAQ it really depends on how good your comprehension skills are, idk how to train this because it depends on your foundation in English. Press J to jump to the feed. 2020 Austrian GP: MotoGP, Moto2 & Moto3 Post-Race Discussion Welcome! Why? More specifically, when it comes to AQ it depends on how convincing you are in explaining WHY you agree or disagree with the author. Cambridge International A Level results statistics - June 2020 (PDF, 50KB) Previous examination series. By looking at the impacts you will decide whether science is a threat or has it created a better world. By detailed argument, i mean just like your essay ensure that you have a Point, Example and Elaboration! Table 1 : Representative grade profiles 1 of the 10th and 90th percentiles of applicants holding Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level qualifications who were offered* places in the 2020 University Admissions Exercise. Here are 15 un-Disneylike mishaps and incidents that occurred at Disneyland, exposing the "man behind the curtain" and showing the fallible humanity behind the mouse. A way to save time is very simple, think about the AQ questions WHEN you are reading the passage, don't leave it till the end when you finally attempt the AQ. For summary, paraphrase sufficiently and correctly. Cambridge International AS Level results statistics - March 2020 (PDF, 26KB) Cambridge International A Level results statistics - March 2020 (PDF, 27KB) As aforementioned each section in GP has its purpose, the SAQ is there because it wants to test ur ability on how much u understand the author ‘s arguments,ur paraphrasing ability and reading inbetween the lines. I would say get a sense of what the major topics in O level essays are and from there you can better prepare for the content rather than attempt to learn everything out there. Stuff like "Hence" "Therefore" "However". We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website and to ensure we show advertising that is relevant to you. It is not even past.’ Discuss. What I found most effective when i was a student was honestly reading essays. And should we consider looking at the more "general" kind of topics? The Cambridge International AS Level English General Paper enables learners to develop these skills which are of great use for further study and employment. It’s Brad Binder vs Alex Marquez for 2020 Rookie of the Year For instance, for science you should know about pros and cons, ethics and regulation, medical tech, AI, motivations for pursuing science etc. I mentioned this above in my post so you can take a look at that, See what general questions you could possibly answer, use your own life as a point of reflection! You will get credit for it if you argue convincingly :), Avoid philosophical or generic questions because if you're not strong at writing in general, it's very easy to go off track and your essay ends up having no focus. Thank you for taking the time to write this, helped me a lot! NTU Programmes Representative Grade Profile Please note that certain programmes may require grades higher than “C” for GP. The point is the extra time you spend thinking about AQ while reading saves you time when you are actually doing the AQ! For essay, yes you need to study for a few topics, preferably at least 3 because like you rightly pointed out there are years where certain popular topics don't appear. Requirements:-Slayer level 77-Prayer level 37+ (protection from magic) Reccomended:-Ranged level 75+ Killing brutal black dragons is a very profitable combat task in Old school Runescape. Turkish GP Nov 13, 2020 to Nov 15, 2020 . My AQ examples were usually common SG knowledge like Joseph Schooling winning gold, so just try to be aware of local happenings. How I got an A for GP... contrary to popular beliefs , I don’t read a lot nor do I write a lot. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Wᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ʀ/SGExᴀᴍs – the largest community on reddit discussing Singapore schools and examinations. hi do u have resources regarding 2019 GP prelim essay qns? Some expected questions and some interesting ones! Reading essays help you recognise the depth of arguments! Okay for example in 2018 we had some of these general questions: " How far is failure an essential part of success?" SuperDraft’s mission is to deliver winning experiences to every sports fan, and that includes you! But if the context is that the glass of water belongs to some famous celebrity, then maybe the fans will be inclined to buy that glass of water. :-), Hmm what type of essays are you referring to? Then practice and apply the techniques you’ve distilled from the best. Try to find 2 points you agree with and 2 points you're against. And any tips for good vocab? I have some essays that i can share haha you can take a look at this: it's just some stuff that i compiled when i wanted to teach GP haha, Hello thank you so much for this post! At The Knowledge Loft, we understand that students rarely have time to read the daily newspapers or weekly journals in the midst of their busy schedules, so we create and curate GP notes and resources specially designed to help students for General Paper (GP).These resources include Model GP Essays, Sample GP Comprehension Answers (including Application Question answers) and GP … I always believe that the most effective way to study GP is through looking at questions because they give you a specific issue/direction to think about and also check whether you are truly familiar with the topicyou wish to focus on in exams. Example from A Level 2018: "How far is failure an essential part of success?". The syllabus draws on […] The more convincing you are for either of them, the better your marks. Play now for FREE by downloading the app. What are your tips on common grammar and expression errors? Reddit's new poll option is now open to all users. This will ensure that you really understand what he has been writing. But IF you really end up not having any questions suit topics you prepared, you can do 2 things: Look for how the questions could potentially link to whatever content knowledge you have. Iirc IP students just needed to submit our HMT transcripts and O-level students didn’t need to submit anything. Get up to speed with everything you need to know about the 2020 Russian Grand Prix, which takes place over 53 laps of the 5.848-kilometre Sochi Autodrom on Sunday, September 27. What's the fastest way to learn about each topic, I. E reading articles online, reading informative books etc. This is the beauty of AQ. Haha that's a great question! And finally when u reach the AQ, u must be wondering why is this section here and never seen before in sec sch and also what’s its purpose. You should only do this step after you have developed a flair for writing. That's how I got A for gp without studying at all -- all I did was keep up with current affairs so I have some materials to use. When it comes to examples, they must of course be of a Singapore context. Do questions where it's easy for you to mindlessly regurgitate relevant facts. Can the use of animals for scientific research ever be justified? Using this money making method, you can expect to make roughly around 1m+ GP per hour. ". I've heard some teachers recommend 3:1 but imo that's overkill. I have no idea how to attempt the question and format my answer. GP is my weakest subject and I’ll always run out of time towards the end. Is it the narrative or the discursive one? Pay extremely close attention to the passage because compre is a breeze if you understand the passage. Any seniors who got A have any tips especially for paper 2?? What does mastering content mean? Hmm, okay so the common grammar error is probably the disagreement between subject and verb. I understand it would be difficult to get high marks for AQ but what are some ways for me get 5 marks and above from scratch? These are some quick tips that would hopefully give you a new insight into how you can study for GP! These are all skills of great use for university level study. my boyf got A and i honestly don't remember seeing him doing a lot of practices for GP (other than those assigned by school). Check what is the purpose of each paragraph. So a safe bet would really be mastering at least 3 of the major topics, my recommendation would be Media, Science Tech and Arts. So basically memorise 5 vocab words each day and you use SAT words, here's a link that you can use:, You may ask so how is this different from any other method to learn vocab. Ask yourself why he has chosen to write that paragraph, for example is it to support the previous paragraph or is it to bring in a new argument or could it be a transition from argument to counter-argument? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. the grades scored by ‘A’-level applicants in their 3 H2 and 1 H1 subjects. What you need to do is: Identify what is the overall argument the author has, and take note of whether he transits between argument and counter-argument (i.e. Don't be too worried about AQ. Context changes everything. For example, in planning for a CCA camp maybe past failures in other events helped you learn important lessons that tell you what's important for the CCA camp. The difference is that this A Level question is an absolute, so again for questions with absolute i would encourage you to disagree because there are bound to be situations where a leader should be responsible to other nations. Students tend to just write their stand without providing any logical reason. The AQ is there because it doesn’t want u to just blindly agree to everything the author says (similarly to what ppl on the internet/news etc etc say) but it wants u to learn how to think and evaluate for this really true? Italy has already hosted the Italian Grand Prix and the Tuscan Grand Prix this year - now we're back and it's time to get up to speed with everything you need to know about the 2020 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, which takes place in Imola, over 63 laps of the 4.959-kilometre Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, former home of the San Marino GP, on Sunday, November 1. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. © Esᴛᴀʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ MMXVII, Press J to jump to the feed. It helps you see different arguments that people make which gives you a pretty good perspective into the whole topic, You can then digest those arguments or think about how it relates to your own perspective and from there form your own arguments with your own pool of examples :) But of course if you didn't know much about that question, you can then take reference from the essay to see what examples people use! 10.6k votes, 870 comments. But if you can't complete the entire AQ or Summary on time then gg (unless you confirm your SAQ + paper 1 can pull up). Furthermore,understand that each issue in the paper 1 has underlying tensions(like how nothing is perfect in this word)... for science for instance( the tension is between human need, profit and ethics), while for the environment (the tension is cost, the economy etc etc)... these tensions are there for a reason and also for u to address them. And how can I make my writing more eloquent and "clean?" and " Is pressure a motivating force or a cause for unhappiness? If you find that the teachers’ comments for your essays were always “no content/examples/evidences” without the “illogical/what?/link?/explain?”, then you can skip the flair development because you’d be presumably pretty strong in that department.