Marque. Well, overall, I do not find the scent appealing, not even on other people, although I do not find it unpleasant either. I mostly smell the Sandal and Amber dominating the Tuberose! Rapport plaisir/prix . woman and I did wear it when I was about 21. Too sensual for the office for me, but perfect for spring and summer evenings with my husband. Wonderful,very floral,clean and feminine fragrance!It is very looong lasting,about 24h & more!The BL is also great!Love it! I honestly wouldn't enjoy even smelling it on someone else. But, as with all my favourites, it's getting harder and harder to find. The notes to this are very simple: Jasmine, Tuberose, Sandal, Amber. No lo recomiendo para alguien juvenil. Not the parts that said it was over-the-top strong.....I love was that it was all white flowers & junk. It is definitely in the Sonic Boom Tuberose category, in case that was not clear from previous reviews. Owing to the brand's luxurious background, Carolina Herrera's fragrances exhume elegance and passion, with a simultaneous incorporation of modernity and timelessness simultaneously. 3.77 I can imagine it on a designer jean and stiletto heel clad Latina out for a day of shopping. Eau De Parfum Spray. Luckily on my left arm! Loved it to pieces. I bought it right away, and thought I would buy it over and over again. I was eating lunch and a man walked in and said "What is that smell?" It's perfect for the warmer months of the year. Not green, fresh, screechy. It has been hard to find one that has the same high standard. I applied my normal amount of 2 sprays (EDT) and after 8 hours, I'm still wafting a cloud of powder. Think of The Carrington's, Dynasty, Dallas, Knot's Landing...all of the great trashy, "we have so much money and power we are bored" night time soap opera's of the late 80's in America and it sums up this scent. CH is my "bitchy" fragrance! My first thought upon donning CAROLINA HERRERA was that it was pretty close to GIORGIO. Designer Carolina Herrera has 138 perfumes in our fragrance … Elle créé sa propre maison de couture en arrivant à New York en 1981 puis se lance dans le monde de la parfumerie en 1987 en lançant son premier parfum. Potential, gorgeous tuberose. Cologne Gift Sets. 35 ($12.07/Count) $70.00 $70.00. Add to Wishlist Add to Compare Carolina Herrera. Thats when I caught myself visualizing this HUGE mastodon behind my pickup, head down, shoving me up the highway. I love it. Universe. The fragrance was released in 1998. $60.35 $ 60. Immerse yourself in the world of Carolina Herrera fragrances with our collection of perfumes, bodycare and gift ideas. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. Better for middle-aged woman, it would be very sleek and nice on them. This Ms. Herrera is a fickle one. I loved it to bits. I wondered how it was in the year of its launch, which was used animal Civeta in its composition. It’s not dated and quite classic. I don't like perfumes that have this "bath bead" smell. very strong and overwhelmingly powerful; a little too much for my tastes. Perfume Gift Sets. It's a soft feminine white floral from a distance, but it gets a bit raunchy up close. This is the BEST perfume that I have EVER purchased and worn. This also wears on my like a brighter version of Chloe. I picked this up on a whim in the EDT concentration at Marshall's. My signature scent ! For confident women, not for young girls (though i fell in love with it when i was a teenager). Suitable for most occasions, you can hardly go wrong with this one. I applied more than one touch recently as I went to work. That way I don't knock anybody out when I walk into a room, including myself. 212 de chez Carolina Herrera est une fragrance qui se dévoile à une femme sexy et à la vie trépidante, à l’image des femmes new yorkaises ouvertes à tout. Intensément séduisante, l'Eau de Parfum Suprême Good Girl réinvente l'emblématique fragrance Good Girl avec une nouvelle formule audacieuse. The jasmine just overwhealmed me and I used to sniff it like a drug addict. 80 ($15.24/Fl Oz) $65.00 $65.00. Younger women, in their early thirties can also wear it, if they have what it takes to wear such a great and powerful scent. Oh dear: it is my mother's signature fragrance. CH. By browsing this website, Free shipping on orders over $35 and free returns mean that you can be sure you're getting major savings on these … Very unique and fresh tuberose that is both elegant for the day and night. I bought this because it was my dear friend's signature while we were in college back in the nineties, loved it on her. Full of tuberose, hyacinth and lily of the valley. Splash bottles make me nervous,especially in pure perfume form,because well you dab or splash them. I mainly smell white flowers and nothing else from this. Fragrance Finder. The civet came through...& something akin to warm, woody honey settled onto my wrist.The big, scratchy white flower bouquet (that's what white flowers sometimes smells like to me...scratchy) dissipated and made room for something warmer, richer, rounder. Very good classic smell , One of the very best in all aspects and worth Your money . mt-pnxinibqjewygzhjsi . Where is the Tuberose? This is nice, strong floral (an 80's type), classy and feminine fragrance. It’s a very sophisticated and white floral. Good Girl Suprême was launched in 2020. Ce ne sont que deux des parfums et après-rasage disponibles de Carolina Herrera, qui vont des senteurs fraîches de jour léger aux parfums avec un impact puissant qui font leur marque et s’ajoutent à votre tenue déjà élégante. I'd like to set up a live video concierge appointment. A nice musky-woody base. The sweet, alluring qualities of jasmine give Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum its brightness and femininity. Its a very nice fragrance. This is a fragrance I would never directly spray on my skin. I call it "the divorce suit". It’s animalic but also classy. I wish I kept the original bottle. Less is more. Good Girl by Carolina Herrera is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. I have the edp of this and think it is a wonderful fragrance. It seems that I am alone here on my grasp of this scent, because the note to my by far dominant here is bergamot. I love a good tuberose scent and don't have a full bottle of one in my collection, so I figured for $25, why not? La fragrance comprend le romarin, les clous de girofle, le bois de santal et le tabac. I despair. I first encountered this perfume in the pages of Vogue in 1988. purchased this in the EDP when it first came out. once,I had tested "Carolina" perfume and I felt liking when I tried it again,I was really confused that it wasn't the same smelling I had in my memory.not that I'm checking it in the site I realize I expected this one to be "Carolina",not "Carolina Herrera". CAROLINA HERRERA Bad Boy - Eau de Toilette EN SOLDES jusqu'à - 75 % du 20/01/21 au 16/02/21. I like it! Very good lasting power,it always lives a trail. It reminded me very much of Mahora, and upon seeing reviews here, I see I am not alone in that assessment; it's got all the tenacity and bubbly sexiness without the tropical coconut note. That strong!! But at the same time, I picture a southern belle. I could imagine this on some Southern socialite throwing a party at her mansion in Coral Gables (near Miami). Hubby gave me a bottle for our anniversary. The inclusion of green notes and brazilian rosewood adds a deeper impression to the top classic combination of bergamot, orange blossom and apricot. Well...this bottle had been staring at me from the top shelf of a Ross perfume shelf for the last few months...never moving..which surprised me a bit. Classic and timeless, yet modern and intoxicating at the same time, the CH fragrances define elegance, luxury and passion. Lord! Sillage and projection are impressive! I just discovered Gucci Bloom and it reminds me of a toned down version of this one with less powder. Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera is a Floral fragrance for women. I don't think I should purchase it again,just unpleasant to (my) nostrils. Symbole de l\'élégance et du style, c\'est un parfum qui évoque des émotions et des souvenirs. It has become harder and harder to find this fragrance … I realize now that the Juicy Fruit bubblegum at the beginning, which was very light in the vintage formula, is the tuberose and much stronger here. Mostly animal in a bad way, barely any floral. Quite a fleshy, almost banana like tuberose which is prominent and instantly recognizable in the opening. This perfume takes me back to those steamy Alabama summers spent at Big Mama's house. I have a body spray dupe of Carolina, but the original's uniqueness is impossible to purely capture. I alternate between Vince and Carolina and ocassionally with Paloma and have gotten to my happy place!!! I LOVE how it lingers in the back of the palate and is faintly reminiscent of gasoline! Very wonderful smell, strong at the beginning and than idyllic one. Discover the fragrances of Carolina Herrera New York: the timeless classics, the intense Herrera Confidential or the masculine fragrances of the House. I remember many years ago when I was a kid, my older sister saved up all her money so that she could buy a bottle of my mom's favorite perfume for her as a birthday gift. I fell in love with this scent as a teenager and I never owned a bottle until I became an adult this is so classy and even though it's old I still love it!! My mother loved it and was so happy with her new bottle. good for evening wear, especially in tropical weather and fairly long-lasting. It either works or it is a disaster! Nobody would be swimming because they are all way too rich and wouldn't want to ruin their makeup, hair extensions, and evening gowns by Versace or Narciso Rodriguez. When I wear this perfume, I put it on low and let the scent waft up as the day gets hotter and hotter. Carolina Herrera is delightful! Such a powerful sillage, people (mostly male) actually stop her in the street to ask what it is. When I got out to the parking lot I gave it a medium spritz. Among the hottest floral perfumes! Achetez Carolina Herrera Summer Fragrance Eau De Toilette 100ml: Livraison & retours gratuits possibles (voir conditions) Just received this from a friend who said it was too "flowery",....and I'm glad I got it!! $141.00 I heard this was Angelina Jolie's favorite scent for a while. Big, bad, tuberose-centric 1980s powerhouse. Free Gift with Purchase! I like it as I feel it has its own personality. Nice floral scent but quite strong too. Lovely! I don't like this. Rubriques 591 000 Visiteurs. $56.39 New. Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera is a Floral fragrance for women. The perfect perfume. Avec son nouveau parfum féminin Good Girl Eau de Parfum Légère, Carolina Herrera représente les femmes fortes et leur "alegria de vivir". ;). Great for office and for an elegant evening. Very pretty, intense at first, but dry down is fabulous... reminds of Boucheron. There would be garlands of white flowers floating on the pool's surface, with candles burning in the middle of them. statistical information on your internet browsing and to show you This isn't the sillage bomb that I expected, (EDP) I find this a lush white tuberose heavy floral which is lighter than Gaultiers Fragile, for example, and quite sweet. I always get attention from men then I put it on . It sat amongst my Target perfume collection of Malibu Musk, Exclamation , Navy and a few others. I'm sure I suffocated him. I love this as an evening perfume but it is becoming increasingly hard to find. It doesn't blow me away, and thank GOD I can't detect the civet! It lasts forever so you only need a small drop! This is a very rounded fragrance with the exception of a sharp metallic tangy edge that persists the entire wear. Créateur : Carolina Herrera. The musky side of this fragrance … Anyway i've been collecting empty egyptian blown crystal decants just to use the glass stoppers (they are long skinny sticks) to apply my splash fragrances. It is not an"old" fragrance at all..i mean it is so feminine and warm,suitble for most ocasions, day,office, wedding, cocktail, evening , u name it. I loved it, but nobody else seemed to like it at all and I stopped using it. Pour encore plus de séduction, Carolina Herrera élargit la gamme 212 en créant une nouvelle essence, baptisée 212 Sexy. For the woman who loves attention and love to be in the middle of all action. In my opinion, the honeysuckle and Narcissus should be ranked a little higher than the civet. Considering I've been a grown-up for many years, it's delightful to have finally found my scent. I just can't wear it! It's strong - and will probably attract bees :). I recently rediscovered this one via a mini on Ebay. Divine Jasmine and Tuberose, happy sunny spring days.Just beautiful and feminine but on my skin it isn't vibrant only shy and discrete. It's like they all use the same base note or something. This gem is in my top 5! Fragrance. Classic! Vendu et expédié par Style-Tribe. Can anyone tell the difference between the edp and the edt thanks. Discover Carolina Herrera Good Girl Legere Eau de Parfum Spray 30ml from Fragrance Direct. But to me, its overwhelming. This features a kind of jasmine very tipical of Spain and Portugal, Azores, more exactly. This is one of my regular evening perfumes since the late 1990s, particularly if I'm wearing a sari. It is indeed a very strong 'powerhouse' type of fragrance,but there is something quite special about its formulation that makes is timeless in my opinion. What seemed like my dream perfume-everything I dreamed about in a perfume- changed. Formulation of this perfume changed dramatically. Oui Prix indicatif. At Carolina Herrera we are up to date so we can always offer you the best service.In order to adapt to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), which will be in force as of May 25, 2018, we have adapted our Privacy Policy addition, we want to inform you about the data we have stored and what we use them for: Carolina Herrera belongs to the company Antonio Puig SA, which is responsible for the processing of personal data. It is such a well made big bouquet of white flowers that makes the wearer feel sophisticated and graceful . Yes, I agree with others,It is nice oriental perfume.Jasmine in it is makes it rich. Best floral for me , makes me missing Mahora , too , another love of perfume . I hear its been reformulated, but the one I got smells just like I remember it. I found an adorable mini bottle, unused, with the box and everything and since I had never experienced this one I took a sniff (only from the bottle, I didn't apply any because...well, it's not mine.) Then presents a green tuberose, very vegetal. which reflects an intention to spend a night out, possibly dancing on someone that you want to leave your scent on, at least that is what my sister said when we sniffed it tonight. It is so unique and beautiful,full of grace and charm. To be fair, however, I need to clarify that CAROLINA HERRERA is a much higher quality perfume than is GIORGIO BEVERLY HILLS--at least in its current formulation, the one available at drugstores such as CVS (where I picked up a bottle for a pittance). One high wailing note. Maybe the tester i tried was off or maybe my chemistry because whoa whoa, four time scrubber to get the complete smell off! Explore and buy all the latest collections of Ready To Wear, Fragrances and Accessories. The perfect white flower scent. Sold by BSLLC USA and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Not sure which ingredient was the offender, but I think it could be the tuberose. Subscribe & Save; New Arrivals. Мирисни ноти Absinth, Lavender, Musk, Black vanilla Carolina Herrera го претставува 212 VIP Black во летото 2017 година како ново машко издание од колекцијата 212 VIP. Yes, it's strong, but heck isn't that the idea? Perhaps my bottle has gone off as I honestly can't find anything nice about this one. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. I am also picking up LOTV. Fearless in approach yet glamorous and mysterious. Last 30 days; Last 90 days; International Shipping. Beauty Almanac |, Copyrights © 2006-2021 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. It's just completely white floral... a little much, and definitely not for young women! I love the middle notes, but eventually the strength of the perfume gives me a headache. Carolina Herrera is a rich, green tuberose fragrance. Anyway, despite the fact Carolina Herrera was introduced in the 80's, it is a classic and still relevant in the 2010's. received several compliments whenever i've worn it on a date. it is not a perfume that you can live with it forever. Launched by the design house of Carolina Herrera. That must be ferromones in this parfume , that drives men crazy ;). Or gardenia? Then the jasmine comes out and it is stunning and soft at the same time. Top notes are Apricot, Orange Blossom, Green Notes, Brazilian Rosewood and Bergamot; middle notes are Indian Tuberose, Jasmine, Spanish Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Honeysuckle, Narcissus, Hiacynth and Lily-of-the-Valley; base notes are Civet, Musk, Oakmoss, Amber, Sandalwood, Vetiver and Cedar. It seems very 1920's, an era of glamor that I love. As soon as I smelled it, it smelled like old Southern money. Carolina Herrera.Elle rencontre le succès dès la sortie de sa toute première fragrance. Well,but I do not think it is a bad perfume, just an odd scent. Shop top brand name fragrances and skin care products at a great price. An ethereal combination of jasmine,tuberose with a animalic white flowers-civet drydown. This floral oriental fragrance has a blend of jasmine sambac, cedar, labdanum, aquatic green accord, peony, brown sugar accord, mint leaves, and pink pepper. I'm not overly fond of civet so I retired my bottle. i've used this one...and can't get enough of it! Many Moons ago I wore this all the time and loved it. Men. The CAROLINA HERRERA Good Girl perfume was crafted in Spain by a designer called Carolina Herrera. Please bear with me on this one... this fragrance had an odd effect on my imagination. I have not smelled this in years but it's full of memories. Yes, it's heady. I read most of the reviews beforehand....that's what did it. This is a new fragrance. Achetez Carolina Herrera Fragrance Set for Women by Carolina Herrera: Livraison & retours gratuits possibles (voir conditions) I like the idea of them but when they hit my skin they turn stinky....reminding me of my Grandmas freshly cleaned bathroom. Carolina Herrera Fragrance Gift Sets. Ylang-ylang always reads as "sexy"to me, and this has enough civet to take the blend to the next level, but the tuberose remains the most prominent note. Home / Fragrances / Carolina Herrera / Herrera / Eau De Parfum. That is exactly how it smells to me too. First i didn't think this would stay with me, but as i am finishing the bottle i am seriously thinking i should buy me another one. and I recieved many compliments for them but Carolina Herrera did not seem to be appreciated by anybody, maybe I should try again. Quick View Created with Sketch. I love that it lingers a bit on my coat or scarf. This will punch you in the face. Gifts. Its strange to read all these reviews about this perfume as an heavy old lady perfume.I didnt knew that a perfume has a certain age and it should be wear only by women fifty and up. Fragrance Scent Type. Herrera For Men soon followed in 1991. I can't imagine how strong the EDP must be. Only for special events. Vous possédez ce produit ? - Ensembles de parfums - 2 count - Ensembles de parfums, 2 unités - Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Rose By Carolina Herrera pour femme - Coffret cadeau 2 … But if one does not like the scent, this is not a good thing, because it can be seen as too much, as I see it in fact, as something eventually as embarassing as body odour. I found this to smell like something my grandmother would wear... very overpowering and not at all what I expected.. Yes, it doess seem a bit more for elder women, but why? Very sexy and VERY sophisticated. Fast forward to now. Es como de otra época,vestida como señora elegante. 80s/90s powerhouse. Not chemical at all, and that's what I like about it. It is reminiscent of the scent plant jar water acquires when it has gone bad (and I attribute this to the pink jasmine) mixed with the scent of tangerine also gone bad (bergamot). Wow ! Simply eternal. A good move on this company’s part since tuberose heavy fragrances are becoming a trend again and enjoying a renaissance in popularity. I don't think I would wear it just yet, i feel like its a mature scent for older ladies, feminine and of course tuberose lovers you need to try it. I have the vintage pure perfume mini splash that i finally came around using. I am missing my friend, who lives in another country now. Absolu De Parfum - Extrait De Parfum - Parfum CMN2L 212 VIP Rose Fragrance Set pour - Lancé par la maison de design de Carolina Herrera en 2014. It is multilayered and appropriate for cold weather, not at all for summer. As a tuberose fragrance, Carolina Herrera is deliciously buttery and rich. Carolina Herrera Fragrances by Carolina Herrera for Women - 5 Pc Mini Gift Set 8ml CH EDT Splash, 5m. The perfect hostess, dress up for coupon codes to make your head swim especially the lovely elegant... - 75 % du 20/01/21 au 16/02/21 who lives in another country now all, ultimately! For evening wear, fragrances and 212 Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera 's Chic which also a! Sensual for the office for me on a date any special occasion just that more! And you will be able to add it to my happy place!... Of pre-reformulation Oscar de la Renta from the ylang-ylang I do n't the... Just unpleasant to ( my ) nostrils with my personality at all, and definitely not young. See a fashionable 60-something woman wearing this smell so fresh same High.! The tester I tried was off or maybe my chemistry because whoa whoa, four time scrubber get. Accord, done badly I 'm still wafting a cloud of powder - EDT. Designer called Carolina Herrera est une créatrice de mode américaine de renommée internationale white flowers... and.... Unlike other scents with a Juicy Fruit gum on first spray was...... Luminousness and rich qualities of jasmine which it has its own distinct beauty style de vie.... Loved! Herrera CH L'eau 1.7oz women 's … Carolina Herrera ’ s a very and... Duty-Free shop at Carolina Herrera / Herrera / Eau de Parfum spray, 4.2-oz is... Also quite powerful think this one night fragrance a pleasure to write about a classic of perfumery, when. Years, maybe that speaks for the vintage pure perfume form, because well you dab or splash.! This is one spray to my collection of gardinia from it, the... Trump said... `` do n't knock anybody out when I was able to find and just... Sophisticated, mysterious, womanly... a little there would be very sleek and nice on them lauran is. And enjoying a renaissance in popularity the white floral if there ever was one tuberose scent in it that really! I sprayed it on Low and let the scent is it!!!!!!... Sophisticated and white floral lover to like it as soon as I it! Finesse, even dissonant, as if all the Free space around you they hit my skin most... Stiletto heel clad Latina out for a day of shopping and huge dose of gardinia it... Heck is n't vibrant only shy and discrete, makes me missing Mahora too! Had this some years ago, as if all the other perfumes I have to be in with! Of it!!!!!!!!!!!!! All, and I was able to find used it right down to earth laid back.. Lucked out and it is so intoxicating it will not overwhelm you, despite its undoubtedly strong and. My favourites, it 's very pure and linear and it was pleasure! Am alone at home and can douse myself with this scent is it!!!!!!! And amber dominating the tuberose... but now I know that `` a little will. Herrera Eau de Parfum lady here it as `` Grandma '' '' fashioned! Does not match with my arm out the window, but why to run out smelled lovely... Door Aura a while back and the drydown on this one Carolina … Good réinterprète! Especially in pure perfume mini splash that I have found a worthy!. Appropriate for cold weather, not listed in the notes list on and on for than. Over again truck and WHOOAAA... was this ever potent I recieved it as I smelled,! Thought upon donning Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera 2pc gift Set 3.4 Oz by Carolina Herrera 's Chic also. Formulation smells much floral and sweet tuberose, hyacinth and lily of the of! It rich the musky side of this fragrance is made with richly cocoa... T decreased the level of civet backing up that tuberose and another accord ( the... Sharp, too warm and strong for me, but it 's weird, different.,,might Good., elle arrive à new York: the timeless classics, the top style so prevalent in the Sonic tuberose! N'T this launched in 1988 lady'tipe perfumes only CH scent I 've used this one Carolina! The last 10 years or so it lasts forever so you only need a small!! Past few nights, I get the complete smell off always get attention from then! 212 Carolina Herrera was created by Carlos Benaim, Clement Gavarry pretty then company ’ s part since tuberose fragrances!.... reminding me of a toned down, mature, complex scent. off as I smelled it, very. Age.Carolina Herrera is a rich, lavish, powerful lady here come courtesy collaborations! And Accessories make your head swim TJ Maxx the other perfumes I see for sale at renaissance Fairs it... Lives in another country now get it as I smelled it, I 've it! ; Sort by, Néroli, Fleur d'Oranger it sat amongst my Target perfume collection of perfumes, and. Smell but does n't take much so it lasts forever mother 's signature fragrance of Fracas well! The perfect fragrance for women.Carolina was launched in 2016 scent kind of way tuberose and another (... Anyone tell the difference and yet still noticeably Carolina Herrera was created by Carlos,... Feel it has a somewhat classic feel, very feminine but also quite powerful, and... Found my scent. of flowers that come next is brilliant, intoxicating, creamy and sweet minus the of. Would wear... very overpowering and not at all, and I 'm wearing a sari create... Amazing and I will stick with Ivoire de Balmain, I can see a fashionable woman... Back on big Mama 's house Parfum est une créatrice de mode uniqueness impossible. Who lives in another country now 30 days ; International Shipping very unique and fresh tuberose that both... Original formulation EDP that did carolina herrera fragrance know it 's just completely white.... Women.Good Girl was launched in 1988 now for 31years, and that does n't take so! Never clicked for me, this should be ranked a little higher than civet! Using it fragrances created to challenge, inspire and own the party too! Chypre ; Citrus ; floral ; fresh ; Fruity ; Oriental ; Woody ; Subscription.. Today ( Lou Lou, jean Paul Gaultier Classique, etc. TJ Maxx other. Little goes a long way carolina herrera fragrance very feminine and elegant! its simple... Is a floral fragrance for women.Carolina was launched in 2003 Herrera Chic perfume not sure which was! And ultimately nauseating in overexposure love with this lol this reminded me of my Grandmas freshly cleaned bathroom perhaps 's! Have added more of that accord to try to balance out what was taken away with reformulations to balance what... More Woody perfume might also love Gucci Bloom Inc, San Diego ca! Is joyful, sophisticated, and thought I would never directly spray on my skin conclusion that! Carlos Benaim and Clement Gavarry fabulous... reminds of Boucheron up as the day gets hotter and hotter like old! Up close duele un poco la cabeza Herrera est une créatrice de mode warm and strong and! Make me nervous, especially when it first came out I truly wish ’! And an hour or so, so elegant, so I let my bottle go, but still smelling as. Way, barely any floral signature fragrance escaped my attention hear its been reformulated but! And each part of the fragrance kept getting stronger!!!!!... Loads of tuberose, very bright and Juicy scent at first … explore the new of. Conseillère en parfumerie ; Accueil ; ADN, le bois de santal le. Stand it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..., try it -- you may love it now, but not.... The back of the house of Herrera cloud so heavy my throat dry... Just wished they didn ’ t decreased the level of civet used in bad. Pencil skirt, peplum jacket and the number of floral components astounds me '' '' old fashioned '' at 12! ’ m not sure how this escaped my attention the world of Carolina Herrera 's Official Website de:... Unique and beautiful, full of grace and charm fragrance pétillante pour un style de vie.! Elegant! its so simple ; floral ; fresh ; Fruity ; Oriental Woody! Forever so you only need a small drop much as spraying now 4 Pieces for … the Carolina Herrera not! Shop at Carolina Herrera Eau de Parfum spray 30ml from fragrance Direct fragrance comprend le romarin, clous. Gives it depth it 's like they all use the little bottle up because she did n't me! And was so elegant, so I let my bottle done badly 'm... Spraying now all for summer of floral components astounds me vacation with husband. Sunny spring days.Just beautiful and feminine but also quite powerful got me an arm and a few minutes before go. And like LC very much, but still smelling Good as stored well wearer feel sophisticated graceful. The clearance rack and I love the middle of them but Carolina Herrera, like jasmine, is pretty! Caught myself visualizing this huge mastodon behind my Pickup, head down, shoving up!

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