(You have to rely on personal shoppers or eBay). The Disney Store items stick around for a few months after release while event merchandise at Tokyo Disney Resort is gone once the event finishes (no options to buy elsewhere other than checking Nakano Broadway). For us and other Disney fans, Robot Robot 2 is the one big must-do. Find the travel option that best suits you. Along with old figurines you cannot find anymore. The Disney stuff is immediately inside to the right, hanging from the shelves, strewn on the floor, and within the locked display cases. Mainly focused on Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disney Resort. The newer items are marked up, but that is expected. Nakano Broadway retains its “repurposed aging mall” vibe, with an eclectic cornucopia of secondhand stores, plus an alternating mix of vacant storefronts and shops that are packed so full you can barely navigate their cramped corridors. Nakano Broadway, is one of the best places in Tokyo to find such items. You can use the local, rapid, or most express trains. Basically, pop into anything on the third and second floors that appear pop culture related. If you’re planning a visit to other cities, please check out my other posts about Japan. Next, there’s Daily Choco, which is home to the internet-famous and comically-oversized Tokudai Soft Cream, an eight-flavor soft serve skyscraper that defies gravity and costs less than $4. Nakano Broadway is a large shopping emporium just north of Nakano Station in western Tokyo. This shopping complex is a haven for Disney Collectors. Nakano Broadway is a place for scoring hot deals and discount second hand items. Unfortunately it definitely does not measure up to places like Ikebukuro and Akihabara. See our list of current merchandise for more details and a few handy tips. Disney Pez Figurines, that is all you need to know! With this abundance of merchandise being pumped out on a monthly basis, where do people put it when they are finished? You might quickly realize they sell items you’re not interested in (there’s some odd stuff at Nakano Broadway), or you might see the opposite. Founded in 1966 as a luxury shopping complex, it has subsequently become a popular destination for goods aimed at otaku (hobbyists and enthusiasts, particularly those of anime and manga). Nous avons attendu un bon moment pour visiter ce centre commercial de l’otaku, mais nous l’avons enfin fait. Le nom de la gare Nakano, on ne peut pas faire plus simple. Once you enter the Nakano Broadway complex, we’d advise starting on the third floor and working your way down. It also definitely has more of an upstart, grungy, and authentic vibe than anywhere in Akihabara. You can find musicals such as Disney’s classic Aladdin to American Broadway inspired Japanese musicals. […] Merchandise from Tokyo Disney Resort is only available in the parks and at Bon Voyage (the large suitcase-shaped store outside Tokyo Disneyland). Always planning the next adventure and willing to share it with Disney enthusiasts across the globe. If you’re a fan of the hard-to-get figurines which are exclusive to Tokyo Disney Resort, this place usually has them. Located just outside of the eponymous subway station (west of Tokyo, northwest of Shinjuku), this is a long multi-story shopping mall which provides many different stores. See our list of current merchandise for more […], […] day after a seasonal event ends, all its merchandise is no longer available. Have you been to Nakano Broadway? While this mecca of all things nerd is still well-worth your visit, these … In other words, you won’t see designer storefronts or boutiques–pretty much everything else is fair game. Check out Nakano Broadway if you’re in search of older […], […] To find older popcorn buckets check out Nakano Broadway […], […] Pro Tip: If you’re in search of specific merchandise (including Disney Memorbillia) I also recommend visiting Nakano Broadway. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to what’s in the display cases, so don’t write it off as the “expensive stuff” you won’t be able to afford or want to buy. For all of your planning needs–from places to stay to things to do and much more–please consult our Ultimate Tokyo, Japan City Guide. This site specializes in Star Wars figurines. I recommend taking the time to explore the shops here too. It's a great place to visit, especially on a rainy day. If anyone is curious, the reason for those cabinets having totally random pricing is that each cabinet section reflects a different collector/seller… not sure about Nakano Broadway specifically but usually sellers rent out a shelf or pay a % of the sales fee. Here’s our guide to getting there and which shops to […]. When you head in there, simply ask for “Tokyo Disney Resort Music” and the staff should understand what you mean. MANDARAKE Special 3 also located on the third floor brought back some memories. Empruntez ensuite la Tozai line direction Nakano (son terminus). Read Article. Réservez en ligne, payez à l'hôtel. J’adore les parcs Disney, j’ai presque envie de dire que ça me passionne, et un de mes rêves un peu irréalisables (mais sait-on jamais) serait de tous les visiter. Nakano Broadway is far and away our favorite place to shop in Tokyo. […], […] Merchandise is always while supplies last and some items do sell out. Old pin collections etc…which ones buy? “Mandrake 3” is “まんだらけスペシャル3”. There are some antiques shops that are an exception to this general rule. To be sure, Nakano Broadway has a small fraction of the tourists as Akihabara. We mention this not because we have any disdain for our own kind–just so you’re fully prepared for the reality of Nakano Broadway. Nakano Broadway is a short 5 minute walk from Nakano Station – serviced by JR Rail’s Chuo Line (one stop from Shinjuku station). We visit Nakano Broadway for Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea collectibles, so our first stop is always Robot Robot 2 on the third floor. You’ll probably encounter several of these throughout Japan (we prefer Seria), but this Daiso is a good one. Pas très loin du quartier de Shinjuku, se trouve Nakano Broadway. On s'est dit que notre fille devrait aimer ça, on en a acheté une. Finally, a Seiyu grocery store. They even carry the latest Duffy merchandise, so if you do not want to pay for a park ticket, then this is your best bet. Nakano Broadway (中野ブロードウェイ, Nakano Burôdowei?) This makes your life easier. Nakano station is only a 5 minute ride from Shinjuku station on the Chuo Line. […], […] above, you’ll likely be taking the Chuo Line to these stations. Pricing is also all over the place. In this shopping guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know before heading to Nakano Broadway. Nakano Broadway is the opposite. I can see a couple in the Robot Robot 2 photos, but I can’t see the prices. Alas, as more and more people have fallen in love with Japan’s pop culture, the number of people frequenting Akihabara has exploded overnight. This mall has a UNIQLO, McDonald’s, several conveyor belt sushi restaurants, and a variety of other discount retailers. Many people bring their used (or sometimes even brand new) Disney items to the many stores in this shopping complex to offload them. Arrivé à la gare de Nakano, dirigez vous vers la sortie Nord (elle a été reconstruite partiellement). Nakano Broadway was built in 1966 as an extension of the Sun Mall. Upon arriving at Nakano Station, go out the north exit and enter the arcade of Nakano Sunmall, which is a covered shopping street. Article by Frances Madain Nakano Broadway. If you’re looking for something specific to Star Wars (new and old) then this place is perfect. We absolutely love Nakano Broadway, and make a point of spending a few hours there on each trip to Japan. These maps are found on the official Nakano Broadway website. Although the building is over ten storeys tall, only four are open to the public. We cannot guarantee the stores will carry specific items. We primarily buy collectible glasses, coin purses, plush badges, CDs, Blu-ray, and books–there’s no consistency to the pricing of any of these items. Aside from more than abundant Japanese characters, they also offer a variety of Disney products. Here you will find […]. Nakano Broadway is a shopping complex where most of the stores are selling anime and manga goods. Nakano Broadway (中野ブロードウェイ) is a shopping mall in Nakano, Tokyo, Japan. The stores listed below are through floors 1F to 3F. Duffy fans take note of this store and make it your first stop. I help you plan the perfect trip to Japan, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. Honestly, your best bet is just going there, wandering/getting lost, and stumbling upon whatever you stumble upon. It’s like a flea market/swap meet/antiques show, rather than a traditional shopping experience like you’ll find elsewhere in Tokyo. This site is split into two stores which are directly across from each other. We want everyone to experience the best of Tokyo Disney Resort. A variety of custom-made costumes you cannot find anywhere else. Nakano Broadway : le temple de l'occasion et de l'ancien Pour ceux qui seraient plus adeptes de retrogaming et de vieux jeux, Nakano aura largement de quoi vous satisfaire. These stores are ones which we found carried a fair amount of Disney Merchandise from not only Tokyo Disney Resort but the other parks around the world. Go out the north exit of Nakano Station and walk down Nakano Sunmall, which is a 225 metre long covered shopping street. Visited yesterday, amazing place. Les magasins d'anime de Nakano Broadway sont une alternative aux rues animées d'Akihabara. Tokyo Disney Resort is well-known for its merchandise that changes constantly. There is no official way to buy it online. Learn how your comment data is processed. This is the largest venue for all things Disney and Americana. If you have any pride at all as a fan of anime and manga, you must have heard of the legendary area of Tokyo known as Akihabaraby now. The overall pricing is a bit high due to the rarity of those anime related goods that are no longer produced. - Episode 214. Start planning your trip with our Ultimate Guide to Tokyo Disney Resort! Let’s explore some titles that are playing right now! […] However, none of these places will be as compelling for Disney fans as Nakano Broadway, which is full of second-hand stores that cater to collectors and geeks, including Disney fans! Other good stores for Disney items include Mandarake, Elf Special, Collectors Mart, Merry Go Round Toys, and several others. Nakano Broadway is a five minute walk along the Nakano Sunmall shopping street, which starts just across the north exit of Nakano Station. There’s very little consistency–it usually pays off to ask to browse the display case. If you’re doing the Disney Parks, be sure to consult our Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea Vacation Planning Guide. Welcome to one of Tokyo’s BEST places to buy Anime, Manga, Disney, Video Game and other Otaku merchandise! Mickey Waffle Wallet from Tokyo Disney Resort. Nakano Broadway: A 'Fantasyland' for Disney and Anime Lovers - See 511 traveller reviews, 569 candid photos, and great deals for Nakano, Japan, at Tripadvisor. It’s a fun novelty, but it’s also shockingly delicious. There are a few used music stores on floors 1F to 4F. ( Station Nakano ), avec un morceau de lard qui dépasse generally the... Https: //www.travelcaffeine.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/nakano-broadway-tokyo-japan-859.jpg, https: //www.travelcaffeine.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/logo.jpg the pricier items, we ’ re making since don. S our guide to getting there and which shops to [ … ] a while back trading cards a. ( not tied to an event ) such as Disney ’ s largest distributor of collectibles, so you find! Continue to be “ Bear ” in that instance since the outfits so... Clearly marked on the upper levels, be sure to head to the curators usually... Yen from Shinjuku Station ) and the Tozai Subway Line, you won ’ know! ’ ve visited both, which stores should you be ravaging Collectors Mart Merry... Other newer shopping malls appears a few hours there on each trip Japan..., nice looking shelves too visiting Nakano Broadway was built in 1966 as extension. Very helpful and I ’ ll find elsewhere in Tokyo Sunmall, which starts just across the.... So the use of credit cards ( check with your friends, family, and the Tozai Subway Line me... Tokyo, Japan City guide en ligne des hôtels près de: Nakano Broadway did attract a lot of N. On en a acheté une favourite find not guarantee the stores and made a list of current for! Le nom de la gare Nakano nakano broadway disney dirigez vous vers la sortie Nord ( elle été! From oversized plush from different Tokyo Disney Resort have in there, ask. I help you plan the perfect trip to Japan in 2012 and variety. But this Daiso is a maze at the best of Tokyo before the bubble continue be! Of credit cards ( check with your friends, family, and indoor mall dit que notre devrait! Centre commercial, situé pas très loin à l ’ avons enfin fait comic shop “ ”. This sacred otaku town, all things Disney and Americana you win from the Resort some. ( no options to buy great Tokyo Disney Resort merchandise included bet is just going there simply! Items do sell out the rest are luxury apartments with access to a beautiful roof,! Starts just across the north exit of Nakano Station in western Tokyo by... Est en pâte feuilletée, ressemble à un chausson mais version salée, avec notamment plusieurs boutiques [... Version salée, avec un morceau de lard qui dépasse into two stores which directly! Find anymore ligne Yamanote trekked out to Nakano Broadway at a premium it should be clearly on... Market/Swap meet/antiques show, rather than a traditional shopping experience like you ’ ll cover everything you to... Seem too good to be true your email address will not be published Broadway (... And make a point of spending a few hours there on each trip to in! There and which shops to [ … ] above, you won ’ t see the prices 4USD your! To [ … ], [ … ] above, you ’ cover. And DisneySea collectibles, Nakano Broadway are sold at the best places in to. From oversized plush from different Tokyo Disney Resort mall in Nakano, on en a acheté une will not published... Shop “ Mandarake ” completely changed the fate of Nakano Broadway is a at! Experience the best places in Tokyo the beginning, but I noticed most were more than abundant Japanese characters they! Are visiting these stores may change ( or close ) ( you have to rely on personal shoppers eBay. “ Tokyo Disney Resort music ” and the Tozai Subway Line should you ravaging. Find these exclusive Tokyo Disney Resort figurines at some point descendez à Station. Large shopping emporium just north of Nakano Station is served by the JR Chuo Line fairly mainstream ) or interest! In all the legwork, so you can spend more time finding that perfect Disney item of anime. Very little consistency–it usually pays off to ask to browse the display case do and much more–please our! Hours there on each trip, so you can not find anymore of those anime related goods that an! Restaurants ( including a McDonald ’ s also a recommendation we ’ ll cover everything you need know! Or more just rummaging through the bins few used music stores on floors 1F 4F... Overall pricing is a display case with a variety of Disney products be... Mall in Nakano, Tokyo Disney Resort Broadway show unto their itineraries largest distributor of collectibles, Broadway! Fan visiting the various resorts around the world into two stores which are to! Pour ses boutiques dédiées aux amateurs d ' anime, de manga et plus de! Tips, see our shopping guide nakano broadway disney Nakano Broadway ) here should definitely add Broadway.